Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winter Jam 2012

Winter Jam is a national music tour, covering most of the nation. Last Saturday a couple of

friends and myself went to one of the tour stops in Cincinnati! We had the privilege of hearing

music from the likes of Kari Jobe, Group1Crew, Peter Furler, Building 429, Sanctus Real, and

many more. Winter Jam is a first-come, first-serve concert, so we had to show up really early to

get in line for tickets. We ended up getting in line a whole 4 hours before the doors opened!

While we waited, my friend Hope wanted to do a photo shoot, so we did and one of the many

hilarious photos from the "shoot" is below. We were, of course, hungry, and in need of food

when we arrived in line; so we left Jenilee and Julie (some of the adults that went with us) to fend

for themselves in line. Whilst the leaders were in line, we (all the youngens and one adult) went

running through the streets of downtown Cincinnati looking for food; did I mention this was all

during the St. Patrick's Day Festival? So after a long time of speeding through the green-clothed,

bagpipe, and kilt laden city; we found a Chipotle. While we were in Chipotle, waiting in line for

forty-five minutes, We saw and met the lead singer of Group1Crew along with the group's

drummer, and Kari Jobe eating; so I said "hi" and got a picture. Finally, after we got our food five

minutes before the doors opened, ate it as fast as we could, and had to throw the leftovers away;

we got in to the arena. The bands were amazing, and Skillet (the final band) kicked our faces in.

In an onslaught of running, waiting, and amazing music, we made some unforgettable memories;

life is short, live it well!



Building 429



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