Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Recently, my parents, grandparents, and I took a trip to Oklahoma for the birth of my nephew. We drove

twelve long hours through the night to get there early enough for my sister to go to the hospital (She was

having the baby the same day we arrived.) For the first two days that my sister was in the hospital, we (my

family) got to watch my niece, Quinn; she is an energetic ball of fun, and we had a blast with her. On the

first day of our trip, (three hours after we arrived) my sister gave birth to a healthy 8 lb. 15 oz. baby boy!

My sister and her husband named him Wyatt Ellis. It's hard to believe that in just eleven months Wyatt will

be as-big-as Quinn...  All-in-all Quinn had fun, my family had fun, and I had fun; we're so glad that

everything went well and Wyatt is healthy. We're overjoyed to have a new little manly addition to our family.

Below are some pictures from our trip.

Quinn likes to make this face.

Quinn's eye

Quinn meeting Wyatt for the first time.

Baby Wyatt

Wyatt and I


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