Friday, March 16, 2012


With useful tools being so expensive these days, you rarely find something completely free. Gimp is a photo

editing software that is available online for absolutely no cost! Gimp, like most software, requires a bit of a

learning curve. After playing around with, and getting used to the functions within, Gimp is a powerful editing

software. Gimp takes functions that software like Photoshop, and Lightroom use, and makes them available

for everyone; Gimp has the ability to edit photos using layers, and the like. Surely Gimp doesn't offer all the

functions that a $400.00 editing software does, but it includes all that you should need to do basic editing.

All-in-all Gimp is definitely worth the extra time it takes to learn it's functions. Below is a photo that I edited

using Gimp. Here is the link to the download site:

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