Thursday, September 22, 2011


These last two years a rapidly growing interest interest in photography has come over me. Since December 2009, when I got my first camera, photography has been a constant interest of mine. I love not only digital, but also film photography. I have entered some of my photos in a competition call Fine Arts Festival (FAF.) My first year in FAF I entered one picture, (In digital,) My second year, I entered two, (One in digital and one in film.) Both of my participating years in fine arts I have made it to the National Fine Arts Festival (NFAF.) I decided that I would take a trip down memory lane, and show you these pictures. Here they are:

Below is my digital photography entry from 2010 (Couldn't locate the file, all I have is a picture of it.)

Below is my digital photography entry from 2011

Below is my film photography entry from 2011

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