Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big One, Four!

Heyyyyy!!!!! My birthday is only 8 short days away! I'm really exited!! my birthday list is short this year... Really it's only 2 or 3 things. I will list them for you... #1 Canon XS 230 HS (Camera) #2 Holga Lens For Canon Cameras (Camera Lens) #3 Kaleidascope Jelly Lens (Cool Lens Thingy That Goes On Your Cell Phone) Lol there really is no reason to list my birthday wishes on here. P.S. Brain Post Coming Soon!!


  1. Hey!!! Happy early Birthday!!! ( I'll say that on your birthday too! Lol)

  2. Hi, Happy Birthday late, is very happy.

  3. Happy (Early) Birthday!! June birthdays are awesome! :)

    -- Pearl

  4. me gusta tu blogger nose ingles solo hablo español yo tengo un blogger es:http://todotema-kiki.blogspot.com/

    entra amigo

  5. Ha ha ! "PS : brain ! " Nice one ;) Anyway, Happy -yes, I'm late, but you must consider the jet lag- from France ! Best Wishes


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