Wednesday, February 22, 2012

O Father.

O Father, you always were, yet you never deserted.
You always heard, but you never reverted.

You created us for praise; you enlightened our eyes.
You opened our cages; we demolished our lives.

The choice you gave us; we never did our part.
We trampled your love; we cracked your heart.

We were content to be counterfeit, we did not care.
Your heart did not permit our hatred affair.

We held our own while you held life.
We were blind to what we had done, but you never closed your eyes.

You held the tears, you felt the pain.
You heard the swears, you did not constrain.

You let us go, but you did not forget.
You fell from the clouds, to take our sins.

You lived life in a garment of peace.
You died for a time, but your life did not cease.

The stone rolled from the eyes of man; you could not be held down.
You stretch out your gracious hand; you rose from the ground.

O Savior, we did not deserve the sacrifice, but you loved us so much.
When we betrayed you with our lives, you still had a passion; a love.

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