Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

In life, it is very easy to slip into a vicious cycle of "Me, Me, Me." It has become popular, common, and even easy to live only thinking about self, and; honestly, we all do it. Every day it is a challenge for humans, especially Americans, to wake up and not think of themselves first.

In times like these, where wickedness is thriving, and most people don't seem to care; We have to remind ourselves of the pain some people live in every day they wake. Some people are trapped in a sphere of sorrow,  unable to get out. The people I'm talking about are woman trapped in human trafficking; you ask why I'm bringing this topic up?

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Many people have never even heard of human trafficking, it is a horrible thing. In the simplest of terms, it is forced prostitution. Woman- young and old- are forced to be prostitutes just so men can make money. Most times these girls are taken from their homes, and abused; beaten if they don't obey authority. I really can't think of anything worse you could do to a girl.

There is so much we can offer, and we don't. The least we can do is pray.
So I encourage you to pray that God will allow men to end this horrible thing.

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