Thursday, November 17, 2011

Youth Convention

Last week I went on an AMAZING trip to Columbus for the annual OYM (Ohio Youth Ministries) Youth Convention. I had such a good time, that I was a little out of control... We, (My friends and I,) Worshiped to the music of the amazing Phil Stacy, and heard a (Hilarious) message from the artist/speaker Eric Samuel Timm; He uses paintings to get his message across; his paintings are large and magnificent. Somewhere between 2000 and 3000 people showed up to convention this year! With that being said, it was crazy!

A big contributing factor to the overall awesomeness of the weekend was my friends. Fifteen of my friends from my youth group came, I love them all! My friends are some of the most crazy fun people ever! Above is a picture, (that I edited,) of all of us and our leaders; we were all a little pooped out after the weekend...

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