Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Poem

This Is A Poem I Wrote,

Every day I do my best, but no matter how hard I try I'm not the best. Maybe I should give it a rest... NO I won't give up! Though this world may beat me down, I will stand up high in courage! I will band together my senses and conquer my fear. My doubts are slowly fading and my breakthrough is quickly coming... The fire inside of me is enlarging... I'm learning to dodge the vile things thrown at me, I know they will soon cease to exist. Because I don't care about that big long list of my chastisements and fears. they are gone, and I'm hear to say that Jesus was the way these miracles have come to be and He is the one who has changed me, Hopefully you will be the same way when you find the King.


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  2. Drewwy,
    That's a GREAT GREAT GREAT post! I love your poetry! Keep blogging, NEVA stop! I'm a gud gangsta arnt I? Ya, I um. (I'm a Christian Gangsta.) Back to the subject... It's the B-E-S-T poem I've ever seen you write! k I gotta go. See ya in the Church! -Hope

  3. agreed haha it's real good drew ;) and hope u cant pull off th gangsta thang... xDD

  4. I love that poem. It really sums up how I've been feeling lately. I've started my own online shop and it's really really scary and hard... But I won't give up.

    Keep the poems coming!



  5. really like your blog :)

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