Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Virtual Aquarium

Hey I Just Wanted To Show Everybody A pic of my virtual
aquarium there are 3 sword fish,
A big angel fish, a rainbow shark, a kissing fish and 3 different colored star-shaped fish and a blue crab!
hope you like it!


  1. Very neatsy! (a new word established by me) Que pasa??? Coolio...

    "Can we pretend that satellites in the morning sky are like shopping stars? I could really use a laugh right now..." Sounds dumb, I know.... I'm gonna make a poem out of it called "Satellites"

  2. Hey! You got rid of your music!!!! Tip:

    Try to mix all kinds of music. Include:

    -Different languages... (there's a Spanish chorus of "Call on Jesus" on my blog)
    -Even classical!

  3. kk Hope Thanks For Comenting And Thanks For the tips!


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