Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Video!

Hey This Is A Sample Video Of Mark Chaney's Piano Skills!


  1. I know, he has, like, mad piano skills! And where were you guys? It was obviously not at home cuz I heard someone say, "Piano is off limits." But it doesn't really matter. Anywho, that kid needs to go to Julliard or something! And then, maybe an Ivy League school! I mean, Sinclair in ninth grade? Harvard would HAVE to say yes!

  2. Haha I KNOW RIGHT what's Julliard? oh and we were at Kettering assembly for the ranger lock in It was soooo fun but I wish I could have gotten the whole song on film he played it like 10 times before I decided to get a video. anyways I saw tenth avenue north at winter Jam and 3rd day oh and the news boys it was awsome they sang your skit proformance song from missions extreme! sorry This is sooooo long. :)

  3. i know he's my brother lol


  4. I saw Tenth Avenue North too!


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