Thursday, May 7, 2009

Us InThe Van: First Sillyfied Edition

This is a silly edition of me and Elijah and Cameron in our church van!! We were on our way to the state JBQ meet, we ended up in eighth witch is a BIG step from last year. if you want to see the pick un sillyfied scroll to the bottom of the page!


  1. Hey u always have to have a silly edition, don't u?
    Oh hey Drews viewers! U guys probably have been to my blog, but it's
    Btw look up "JBQ" on the blog, or in the archive, go to "March" and click on JBQ interview or JBQ state meet! Seeyalata!

  2. And keep on visiting this blog too!

  3. HOPE!!!!!! you didn't ask me if you could adertise on my blog YOU'R GROUNDED!!!!!!!!


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