Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've Been Tagged By:Hope!!!

I am:Me

I think:Of what i'm going to eat for dinner

I know:How to to do algabraic equations

I have:Two siblings a brother and a sister

I hate:Satan

I wish:I could see my brother and sister right now

I miss:Swimming in summer

I fear:God

I feel:Hungry

I hear:My parents music

I smell:Nothing my nose is stuffy

I crave:Steak

I search:For something to do

I wonder:When I will eat dinner

I regret:Eating grapes so much

I love:My family

I am not:An idiot

I believe in:Not careing what others think

I dance:Rarely but never in public

I sing:At home and during worship at church

I cry:Rarely

I don't always:Play on the computer

I fight:With Cameron

I win:Always

I lose:Never

I never:Jump out of trees

I always:Play video games

I confuse:Alot of people

I listen:To music

I can usually be found:On the computer

I need:Food

I am happy when:It is Saturday

I imagine:Being a super hero

Now I tag:

Faith Ezell from: It's The Trick: I'm the treet!


  1. DREW! That's my blog not hers but go ahead and tag the thing.

  2. did u people reolize green is a color?
    -Friendly reminder from GrEeN bLoG


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